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Research Articles & Papers - Dog Cancer Treatment Options - Artemisinin

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UW licenses potential cancer treatment derived from ancient Chinese folk remedy

A group of promising cancer-fighting compounds derived from a substance used in ancient Chinese medicine will be developed for potential use in humans, the University of Washington announced today.

The compounds, all developed through the research of UW scientists Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the Department of Bioengineering and Tomikazu Sasaki of the Department of Chemistry, make use of a substance known as artemisinin, found in the wormwood plant and used throughout Asia since ancient times to treat malaria.

"We are very excited about the UW's discovery and an opportunity to develop an artemisinin-based cancer drug," Kevin Mak, chief scientist at Holley, said. "The technology is very promising, but it's in its early stages. Further research and clinical trials are needed."

Targeted treatment of cancer with artemisinin and artemisinin-tagged iron carrying compounds

Article on Artemisinin and cancer for general information

Singh N.P. and Lai H. Synergistic cytotoxicity of artemisinin and sodium butyrate on human cancer cells.

Article on Artemisinin and cancer for general information

Cancer Smart Bomb Part 1

Cancer Smart Bomb Part 2

Cancer Smart Bomb, Parts 1 & 2: An Idea from Ancient Chinese Medicine
(c) 2002 Brewer Science Library, All rights reserved, Excerpted from New Horizons, Summer 2002 issue
by Christina L. White

Research On Artemisinin By Dr Rowen

Extract of Chinese Herb Fights Cancer - This Malaria Drug Also Kills Cancer Cells by Robert Jay Rowen M.D.

Research On Artemisinin By Huan-Huan Chen, Hui-Jun Zhou, Xin Fang

Artemisinin derivatives artesunate (ART) and dihydroartemisinin are remarkable anti-malarial drugs with low toxicity to humans. In the investigation documented in this paper, the researchers found that they also inhibited tumor cell growth and suppressed angiogenesis in vitro.